No One Wants to Be Miss Havisham - Brigid Coady
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No One Wants to Be Miss Havisham

By Brigid Coady

  • Release Date: 2015-05-28
  • Genre: Comédie romantique


**Winner of the RNA Joan Hessayon New Writers’ Scheme Award**

‘Dickens with a chick lit makeover, what's not to love??’ – Bestselling author of ‘The Best Thing I Never Had’, Erin Lawless

What the Dickens is going on?

Edie Dickens is a shark of a divorce lawyer. She doesn’t believe in love and she scoffs at happily ever afters, however she’s agreed to be maid of honour for her oldest friend, Mel in two weeks and she still has the hen night to endure. But she has even more to endure when she’s visited by Jessica Marley’s ghost and finds out she must change her ways or end up being damned to an eternity watching other people’s happiness. Edie is visited by the Ghosts of Weddings Past, Present and Future, every Friday night until the day of the wedding. Can she learn from her mistakes in time? And did the ghosts send the hunky new lawyer, Jack Twist, to distract her?


‘A fun and entertaining read.’ – Rachel’s Random Reads

‘Old-School Chick Lit, and I really enjoyed it.’ – Lynn Marie Hulsman, author of ‘Christmas at Thornton Hall’ & ‘Summer at Castle Stone’

‘I totally loved this book.’ – Sharon Hill, Goodreads reviewer

‘If you're looking for an original romance with a quirky twist, look no further.’ – Books with Bunny

‘An excellent and fun story.’ – Total Book Geek

‘A fantastically funny read and definitely one I’ll be adding to my ‘To Keep’ shelf.’ – Chick Lit Love

‘It should definitely be added to your book pile.’ – Lisa Talks About…

About the author

I was born in the UK but raised round the world and spent most of my childhood with my nose in a book. When I was seven I wrote my first proper story about a magic puddle that flipped up to reveal a secret world underground.

I’m now a non-practicing engineer who works in project management. I write romance and young adult stories. I’ve been a voice-over and radio continuity artist. I love country music and used to have my own radio show. My boyfriend says I have an unhealthy obsession with Kenny Chesney. I live in London.