Boxed Set: Dominated by a Billionaire - Part 4-6 - Emma M. Green

Boxed Set: Dominated by a Billionaire - Part 4-6

By Emma M. Green

  • Release Date: 2014-06-24
  • Genre: Suspense


Mature content. Recommended for 17+ due to mature language and adult situations. 
 “Whatever the obstacles. We are bound together, him + me, by an invisible force, a spell on the body and spirit that relentlessly brings us back together while the world stubbornly insists on breaking us apart.” 
Between laughter and tears, passion and despair, promises and betrayals, Alma Lancaster finds herself drawn into a heartbreaking whirlwind of emotions. Vadim King has left her… for good? A new journey awaits the young woman – a chance to get away from Paris, listen to Grace Montgomery’s secrets, discover Maximilian Finn’s true self and finally be introduced to the new director at Skylight Pictures. Who is this worrisome Dimitri Monkov? What are the true reasons behind the open war on King Productions? Vadim and Alma love each other passionately and unconditionally, but bad luck keeps crossing their path. Will they manage to find each other against all odds?